Now is the time for presents

Weil Masse nicht gleich Klasse ist!

Hoi zäme :) 

Now the dark season is coming (even if nobody likes to admit it) but also the time for family, friends and loved ones. With us you will find many magical gifts for every occasion. We also provide company gifts or wedding packages all year round. Just write to us and we will make it possible.

For the coming autumn and winter we will gradually offer you more and more gift sets and gift ideas that your loved ones will enjoy. We are already working like elves in our small soap workshop and you can be curious.

Just keep checking back with us. If you have any questions, also for large orders (customer gifts, etc.), just write to us and we can also find a suitable and wonderful idea together. 

Look forward to a time full of seasonal scents and spices.

Warm regards from Zurich

Timo Bach