Variation - Die feine Kleine - Bundle
to wash!
With foaming ingredients from nature.

Finally a 100% natural and reliable care for you from Switzerland 🇨🇭

Enjoy the fresh fragrance and the gentle peeling of our soaps for body and hair. No more uncertain feeling in environmentally harmful industrial tiffen. No questionable or hidden ingredients. Pure nature. Never dry skin again! Benefit from our Swiss natural soaps, exclusively from fresh and natural ingredients with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Your new well -being factor

Dry and irritated skin Are they stillmore harmless consequences By usingsynthetic personal care products. In addition, such areIngredients not biodegradableAnd through the use of e.g.Palm oil Accelerate with theCutting down the rain forest.

You are important to us, henceNo additives. So we can get on thepure, biological and natural oils and active ingredientsfocus. Valuable ingredients of whichYou, your skin and hair benefit.

Hand on heart!
Because mass is not just great
Out of pure manual work and with a lot of love
There was once...

I, Timo Bach, the founder and managing director of Seifenmeisterei Bin in and with nature, grew up in a former nursery. I learned early on how much we are dependent on nature and how worth protecting it should be for all of us.

Feel pure nature

With organic ingredients from Switzerland 🇨🇭
Now pay simply and practically by Twint
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