Why I reject microplastics

Warum ich Mikroplastik ablehne

I've watched the soap and cosmetics industry for a long time. And although it has been known for years that microplastics are harmful to the body, health and the environment, they are still widely used.What is still incomprehensible to me today is that soap manufacturers have hardly changed anything in their use of microplastics. You simply accept this. Although there are many purely natural and non-polluting ways to replace microplastics.


Let's take our organic coconut citrus with cocoa butter as an example. The peeling effect, which is achieved with conventional soaps and liquid soaps through microplastics, is done in our soaps by the coconut flakes or in general by the ingredients that, depending on the selection, have a harmonizing and calming effect and also provide the peeling effect.


Almost everyone now knows the harmful effects of microplastics on the organism and the environment. If you want to know more about it, you can read it yourself under this LINK.



Basically, nature has all the means to make you look beautiful and radiant. I gradually found out all these properties with many attempts and many failures and tried to pack them into a soap. Without chemicals, without microplastics. But with valuable raw materials from nature such as cocoa butter, jojoba oil, macadamia oil and argan oil. In the end my soaps were created, which show how strong nature and its active ingredients are. Even I was surprised at first what a great effect the natural ingredients have, which I had previously only experienced from the usual chemical soaps.


I know many of nature's secrets from the past, when, as described above, I planted plants with my grandmother in what is now a former nursery, and looked after them and was able to experience the active ingredients of nature directly. In the form of ointments, which my grandmother also made. Calendula, for example, played a major role in this.


Personally, of course, I only use our soaps and can give honest feedback that my skin feels pleasant from head to toe and that my hair is smoother and stronger. You might think, what else can I say, as a producer of these soaps. However, I say this with conviction. Because it is important to me to provide a good and also reasonably priced alternative to liquid soaps and shampoos. I am also very happy to exchange ideas with our customers if there is any feedback or suggestions for improvement. Because it is important to me that you as a customer are satisfied. Therefore we are always there for you. 


I would also like to invite you to test the power of nature yourself and I am sure that you will find something suitable in our shop.


Good start into the week and see you soon


Timo Bach