History of soaps

Hello and thank you for visiting our blog.Today we're going to talk about the history of soaps - from their invention to the present day.

The first soaps

Aleppo soap

The origin of the name

Legend has it that in Rome, at the foot of the Sapo mountain, soap was discovered by chance by women who washed their clothes in the waters of the Tiber.A substance mixed with the water of the river made their hands and the laundry they washed much cleaner.
On the summit of Mount Sapo, animal sacrifices were offered to the gods, the animal fat, mixed with the ashes from the cremations, washed down the mountain by the rain and mixed with other materials that made up the clay soil.This substance made up of fatty acids (animal fat) and potassium hydroxide (ash and water) makes soap.
The chemical process that leads to the soap is called saponification (saponification), it is very likely that the origin of this word comes directly from the legendary Monte Sapo, like the word sapone (soap in Italian).

Soaps: ancient and tied to culture

From then to the present day, soaps have been steadily adapted to different societies and cultures.


The first soap was created in Mesopotamia more than 4,000 years ago, as proven by clay relics from that time.At that time, a mixture of oils, salts and minerals, which had been heated for a long time, served as the base.At that time, people already appreciated the caring and skin regenerating effect.

Mesopotamian clay tablet (approx. 3rd millennium BC) showing recipes for a ... | Download Scientific Diagram

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